How much time should I allow prior to contact you?
24 hours.

What I can & cannot take with me?
Our field Officers will assist you in the process.

Why should i need insurance if you will packed properly?
Goods can get damaged due to unforeseen reasons as accidents or any natural disaster in the way while moving process.

What type of containers you used?
We used Weather Proof and closed Containers.

What is insurance value based on?
It is based on the declared value, which can be calculated simply with the assistance of field executive at the time of documentation.

What are my responsibilities while the moving process?
Provide us the documents as transfer letter/joining letter or copy of RC for your vehicle moving.

What should i do before the moving process as my reposibilities?
Try to get your personal and most useful things for the way with you, also get cash, jewellery and other precious items with yourself.

What is the mode of payment with your Maxfort Relocation?
Mode of payment with us is very simple, you can pay us as per your convenience. We accept both Cash and Cheque too.

Why should we hire Maxfort Relocation?
Because we have expirienced and skilled staff, good reputaion in the market, reasonable prices, quality packing material and satisfied clients throughout the country and overseas too.

How can i contact 'Maxfort Relocation' if i need more information?
All contact details are given in the 'Contact us' section of this website.

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